Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQs are some common questions our clients ask before purchasing the Doma Pocket Musette. If you have other questions, please forward them to

Because it makes eating on the bike effortless. Eliminating food wrappers and ziplock baggies means you no longer fumble to unwrap your food while you ride. Simply reaching into the Pocket Musette to grab a bite is far easier and much safer. The ease of it means you eat more regularly, allowing you to ride further and faster. And no more losing that precious snack and dropping litter like poor Egan Bergal in the Giro.

Great rides need great fuel. Any steady exercise longer than 45 minutes is going to drain your energy. You need to fuel to keep going. The sports nutritionists say that for cycling you should eat a bite every 20 to 30 minutes to prevent depletion. If you’ve ever ‘bonked’ on a ride (which we here at Doma have all done) you know how important it is to follow that advice.

The key is to fold it like a taco when inserting it into your pocket. Check-out our “How To” section by clicking at the top of this page to see a diagram and video.

It does not fit small “race cut” pockets. Instead, we sized it to fit most jersey pockets while still maximizing volume for your fuel. We call this size, the ‘Long-Haul’. We are working on a smaller size, the ‘Short-Haul’ and intend to have it available soon. Together, the two sizes will cover almost every jersey pocket size other than those itty bitty tri/skinsuits.

We’ve sized the ‘Long-Haul’ to fit most jersey pockets. But it does not fit the “race cut” super tight pockets. If your jersey pocket can fit 4 Cliff bars, then you should be good to go. If you do find the ‘Long-Haul’ isn’t fitting your favourite jerseys, please get in touch with us at

The ‘Long-Haul’ size is light blue, and the 'Short-Haul' will be coral red. We’d like to make other colours and would love to hear if there’s a particular colour you really want to see.

Basically the Pocket Musette works with any solid foods you’d normally take on a ride: endurance foods you’ve bought at the bike shop, or anything you like making at home. Of course, the usual restrictions apply: avoid things that melt in the heat like chocolate, or anything that is generally sticky on the fingers... so no toffee pudding ;)

We designed the Pocket Musette with premium food safe silicone that is dishwasher friendly; just stick it in the dishwasher upside down like a glass. Of course, old school hand washing with dish soap always works too.

The ‘Long-Haul’ size weighs 105 grams. Is that going to slow you down? Probably not, but remember this is the sport of cycling, so stay tuned for the release of a carbon fibre race version.

We’re from the Northwest Coast, so nothing (and we mean nothing) stays dry where we ride. The Pocket Musette handles the rain fairly well thanks to the elastic at the top of your jersey pocket, but if you get caught in a serious Vancouver-style downpour, we recommend folding down the ‘backboard’ of the Pocket Musette to cover the opening - then stop needlessly suffering and go find a warm café.

Please email for returns.

One beginner cyclist and one former pro. When we started riding Fondos together we brainstormed ideas for how to make cycling more accessible and fun - stay in touch cause we’re still in the lab cooking up new creations.

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